Frequently Asked Questions

Cusina Natural Antibacterial Dishwashing is the first affordable natural anti-bacterial dishwashing liquid that uses the power of nature instead of harsh chemicals to fight bacteria.

Most other anti-bacterial cleansers in the market rely on the chemical triclosan while with Cusina, it contains real tea tree and eucalyptus oil extracts which are innately antimicrobial, antiseptic and antifungal to fight bacteria the safe and natural way.

Cusina’s excitingly refreshing scents are proudly sourced from Spain and uses natural components extracted from real fruits and plants. Through a careful collaboration with leading Spanish perfumers, Cusina’s three signature variants were crafted: Lemongrass Citrus, Ginger Yuzu Peel, and Grapefruit Lemonzest.

Place a small drop of the wonderful concentrated Cusina to a damp sponge. Agitate sponge to activate bubbles and use it to wash dishes. Wash sponge with Cusina when finished to prevent bacterial build ups.

Cusina is made with natural ingredients so it’s safe to use even for feeding bottles. However when using Cusina to clean baby bottles, make sure to empty the bottle first and remove excess milk fats to avoid odor. In certain conditions, some foul smell may still linger in plastic bottles when the milk fats fuse to the plastic.

We suggest that for cleaning exclusively baby bottles, 123baby by Cusina may be used since it has lighter smell and is formulated to bust stubborn milk fats (even mother’s milk) from plastics, which are hardest to clean. 123baby is a gel-format baby bottle and nipple cleanser that is only made from superior plant-based and edible ingredients that’s safe for babies.